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Our Story

Pig Iron Coffee was born in Toronto in 2011 and is the culmination of over 10 years of Specialty Coffee exploration.

In our early years Speciality Coffee was really still an unknown entity in Toronto but we heard our calling and our goal was clear, catapult Speciality Coffee into the mainstream and make it accessible for everyone.

We set out to find the best coffee roasting equipment available to us and after months of research we happened upon our now dearly beloved vintage Probat '88. The Roaster was shipped from Barcelona to Oklahoma, where it was rebuilt and then sent to Canada four months later. There are in fact only two roasters of its kind in Canada which led to the creation of our name.

"Pig Iron" are the components which are melted in order to produce the cast Iron used in our specially selected roasting equipment. Cast Iron provides a more even heat distribution which allows us to fully develop all of our coffees to reach their full potential.

Here at Pig Iron Coffee we are meticulous about every element of creating exceptional tasting coffee and our name is a constant reminder of that objective.

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