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About Us

Great coffee is no accident; it’s a cumulative effort between many dedicated workers from farm to café. Our task as a roaster is framed by the work done before the coffee reaches us. At Pig Iron, we collaborate with farmers, sourcers, and importers that are as quality-focused as we are to bring in the most complex and ultimately delicious coffees we can find. Using high-quality green coffee allows us to roast with a light touch, bringing out the inherent sweetness and complexity of the coffee itself. Not only does roasting this way make the coffee taste best, it also enables us to tell each individual coffee’s story by allowing coffee drinkers to experience flavours accountable to the coffee’s terroir, cultivation, and processing.

Pig Iron is not just a coffee roaster, it’s a company driven by coffee lovers. With a strong belief in craft, and the ability to take something that's seemingly simple and make it extraordinary, we never stop experimenting. We are coffee brewers. We are coffee drinkers. And so every coffee is put through a myriad of brew methods with an artful touch and mind for science. We want to taste our coffee like you will because, after all, the story really ends with you: the coffee drinker.